Moulin du Bayehon Accommodation Options

Moulin du Bayehon offers accommodation packages that will cater to your needs. Our hotel room and bungalows are well-maintained to keep you comfortable during your stay.


  • Deluxe – one queen-sized bed, good for two-person
  • Single – one double-sized bed, good for one person
  • Twin – two double-sized bed, good for two-person
  • Master Suite – one queen-sized bed and 2 extra mattresses, good for four-person

Bungalow Houses

Our bungalow houses have everything you need to feel at home. You and your friends can cook your food. The market is just 15 minutes drive which allows you to buy fresh ingredients. Before you retire at night, light up the fireplace while savouring the fresh air of Moulin du Bayehon. Want to have an extreme relaxation and detoxification? Contact us. We’ll provide herbs and aromatic woods to get you ready for a unique sauna experience right in the bungalow house of your choice.

  • Junior – can accommodate up to five-person
  • Superior – can accommodate up to ten people, perfect for a big family outing.

Pet-Friendly Facility

We understand that leaving your friends for a long trip is quite a saddening situation. Well, bring them along. Our facilities are pet-friendly and won’t charge you extra for tagging them along. Moulin du Bayehon is a great place to spend time with your furry friends. Our hotel also has something for them to eat, not those dry pellets kind. They are cooked especially just for them.

Nearby Local Restaurants

Our bed and breakfast has great food options. But if you want to explore and satisfy those tastebuds of yours, there are local restaurants near Moulin du Bayehon to choose from.

See You in Moulin du Bayehon

We are thrilled to welcome you. Contact us if you are planning a visit, so we can prepare everything before your arrival. We can customize our menu plan just for you. So, have a safe trip and see you here at Moulin du Bayehon.