Moulin du Bayehon’s Unique Flair

Moulin du Bayehon’s Unique Flair

Moulin du Bayehon might not be breaking the internet like dinner cruise Amsterdam. But once you set your eyes on the beauty of this place, you’ll be coming back for more. It is a small town with great surprises, and the internet has yet to discover it.

Moulin’s Effortless Charm

Most tourists who have spent their vacation in Moulin du Bayehon will tell you that it was love at first sight. What’s not to love about this place anyway? The people are nice and genuinely hospitable which adds an extra charm for Moulin du Bayehon. Aside from the fresh air that gently soothes your senses, this place got a quiet vibe which reminds us of the simple things that truly make us happy. It is free from the hustle and bustle that we normally encounter in the city. After your vacation, you’ll realize that you don’t need to save money on electronics, and you just want fresh air to be simulated.

The Traditional Sauna Bath in Moulin du Bayehon

The locals believe in the healing power of a sauna bath, which is why Moulin du Bayehon bed and breakfast accommodations have a sauna. They’ll even prepare all the herbs you will need to do this traditional sauna bath. When the concierge person recommends you to take this service, she means well. They believe that a sauna bath with herbs detoxifies the body up to 50 per cent, and relaxes the mind after each bath. It is also beneficial for the skin as you sweat out those toxins Amsterdam zoo and pollution.

The Enchanted Forest

When you get to talk to the locals, they may tell you folktales about Moulin du Bayehon forest. Most of them strongly believe that this forest is magical. Because those people who tried to destroy the forest to build infrastractures did not succeed due to sickness or death. Those people have given up after realizing that the Moulin du Bayehon forest is untouchable. But in our opinion, the power of the enchanted forest comes from the locals who viewed it as precious, who did everything to protect it.