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Guided Outdoor Activities

Bask yourself in the company of nature. You won’t regret taking a vacation here at Moulin du Bayehon. This place may not have those clubs, techno space, nor city lights in Amsterdam city pass, but it has a unique flair that the city cannot offer. There are exciting activities you can do during your stay.


The breathtaking river of Bayehon is going to take you for a ride. Kayaking is best done in the morning where different species of birds cover the sky and when the river is peaceful. The boats can be rented with promo codes which also include life vest. We also ensure your safety, so proper orientation would be done first.


Our professional guide will take you to beautiful spots in the forest. Since Bayehon is a protected forest, the sceneries you will behold here is precious. The terrains of Bayehon are subtle and ideal for beginners. Even if you are an experienced hiker, you will still appreciate this unique hiking experience.


Enjoy a lazy fishing time in the Bayehon river. Don’t worry if you don’t have fishing equipment, because we can rent them for you. If you prefer to buy, feel free to use online shops voucher codes. Fishing is a therapeutic activity perfect for people who want to relax and experience the generosity of nature.